Blogs: D

Daigo blogs about baseball, jazz, linux, or design.

Daily Uniform

Why the name Daily Uniform? My job requires me to follow a dress code of wearing 90% black to work. It's my mission to push myself to be more creative with how I dress for work, which is what inspired me to start photographing and posting what I wear to work each day as well as the clothes I get to wear on my time off.

Dan Bricklin Log

The co-inventor of the PC spreadsheet and the founder of Trellix discusses technology.

Dan Dunn's Podium

Arlington, Mass, and More. Local and state politics, the Internet, Red Sox, and humor.

Dangerous K

Converted Jersey girl chronicles life amongst the unemployed in Beantown. Often funny, usually racey, almost always embarassing.

Danielle's Daily Food and Fitness Journal

Danielle blogs daily to update clients and followers on current health and fitness news.

Dark Party Review

Edgy, witty literate blather about literature, politics, movies and music blown into interviews, essays, parodies, reviews and critical analysis with a healthy dose of fiction and poetry.

Dave Albert

A lot of yapping about music, city life and other stuff.

Dave Copeland

Personal blog of local author and journalist Dave Copeland.

Dave Writes

I connect topics in economic development, community development, and new media technology and identify practical actions readers can take to make a difference in improving our society. I write about my own efforts to become more involved locally, in Westwood, and how I blend family, work, life, politics and community.

Davis Square LiveJournal

Lively discussion of everything having to do with Davis Square (and sometimes, other parts of Somerville).

DC to BC Blog and Radio Show

quinn and modi are the champs of boston college. they hail from the best place on the earth: washington, dc. quinn started the whole thing. he was like, modi! get on this radio jumping off. i just signed up for the internship. let's do it. modi said yeah, and the rest is history. think of this blog as not only an extension of the radio show, but also as a place for us to voice our own opinions, share ideas, and vent frustrations with current (and not-so-current) events. plus more. bookmark us, download our old shows, support our movement. we just want to play music and make people happy. oh boy.

Dead Issue

Politics-Sports-Media-Military-Parody. Heady discussion - Featuring the writing of Chris Austin.

Deb and Dean's Blog

assorted events and trips.


Fresh finds for hip places.

Dedham Rocks

A place to vent your positive energy.

deep fried hoodsie cups

Daily blog for North Shore Baby Boomers, Groovy Geezers, and those who wish they were.

Deep Thoughts

Fun and light humor blog featuring musings on everything from Spitzer to Spaghetti-Os. Includes links to Boston humor sites, improv comedy shows, and Boston Society of Spontaneity happenings.

Derek Wilmot Photography

Photojournalism, Multimedia, and events.

Dessert Works

Blog by Kristen Repa, owner of the Dessert Works Bakery in Norwood.


Words, things, and other stuff. Varied reflections and rants of a new lawyer, on topics ranging from Judaism to local news. Alas, no politics.

Dinner Series

We at The Dinner Series strive to surround ourselves with good company, delicious food, and some of the best cookware, serving, and dinner ware available. We love Scandinavian design, Italian pewter, French ceramics, and local ingredients; and try to bring all our passions together in the series of dinner parties presented here.

Diva Taunia's Backstage Pass

A little window into the mind of self-proclaimed 'Diva' Taunia, Boston-area jazz vocalist and voice teacher.

Divine Comedy of Errors

The life and times of a grad student living in Southie, plus random funny crap from the Internet.