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East Boston

As my camera sees it.

Latest news and views from East Boston.

Eat and Destroy

A Boston area food/restaurant blog with crappy camera phone pictures!

Eat Sleep Breathe Boston

As a foodie, patron of the arts, fashionista, avid swing dancer, and of course a biologist, I'll be exploring all that Beantown has to offer. I'll be sure to share my observations and insights along the way.

Eco Babyz

A Boston green parents' challenge to raise an intelligent, environmentally aware, nature loving, Eco-friendly, selfless global child.

EDM Boston

EDM (electronic dance music) Boston is the new source for electronic music in Boston. Each week EDM Boston will deliver a news, new tracks, mixtapes, local event happenings, and podcast that features the latest and greatest in electronic music. The site will mostly be geared towards progressive house, house, trance, and the new phenom dubstep. The purpose of the site is to take an unfamiliar genre to Boston and submerge it in a loving way. House music has made tremendous progress over the last 2-3 years. Recently, it has taken over pop music (via pitbull, flo-rida, britney, and LMFAO) and made headways into hip-hop. Sit back and enjoy the fire!

Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Blog for the Eight Streets Neighborhood Association; South End, Boston

Electric Shepherdess

A comprehensive EDM event listings website covering Boston and beyond aiming to answer the "what should we do tonight" question. Updated almost daily, keep an eye out for our Weekly Forecast, which covers all EDM-related events happening over any given week, as well as Weekly Additions, which is a mass listing of all events added to the ever-expanding calendar that week. Occasionally, there are event reviews, recommendations and music posts to keep you on the edge to what's hot. Join the EShep flock now!

Endless Knots

Jessica Lipnack's blog about virtual teams, networks, networking, collaboration, Web 2.0, writing, and even yoga, knitting, cooking, family, and friends.

Engaging Religious Pluralism

Blogging about religion and, among other things, science, education, politics, spirituality, and society.


Commercial and fine-art photographer specializing in infrared people and street scenes, and fashion photography.

Enough Cowbell

Music in, around, and beyond Boston including daily concert/music related activities listings.

Erin Cooks

A blog about food, wine, and cooking. It includes step-by-step images for recipes as well as links to quirky food news items."

esoteric diversions

personal blog site of a 20-something guy in the Boston area.

Everyone Loves a Boston Girl

20-something graduate student loving life in the city she belongs in.

Everything's SFNE

New England and why everything about it is so frakking . . . New England! And it's not just the fried clams.

Excelsior, You Fathead

Mr. Spatch rides the T a lot. He also does things in Boston sometimes. Join him, won't you, on all his wacky adventures? You may just learn something about yourself in the process.


A three-man software company in Porter Square that blogs about Boston, business, music, sports, and geeky stuff.

Extra Ordinary

Trials and tribulations of a twenty something woman in Boston.

EyesOnStreets: The Built Environment in Mind

Dr. Frankenstein made me: Stilgoe eyes, Kunstler conscience, Jacobsian philosophy; explorer, critic, urban enthusiast. Seeking richness in everyday places. Resident of the Europe of America.