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This blog is about my love of food and drink, and about the people and places that excel at providing this sustenance that I enjoy and live for and because of, a celebration of food and the people who provide it.

Farm Share Mania!

Blog about cooking with fresh veggies from CSA Farm Share.


Reports and commentary on the news, science, and creative ends of the media.

Fast and Far

I'm a software engineer with Avidyne. I write embedded software for avionics (general aviation). I'm also a musician (guitar mostly now, though I've also performed on trombone). And I have a passion for running, especially marathons.

Feed Me Like You Mean It

My tagline: "cultivating health through food and action". A lot of people are constantly telling you what's good to eat, what's bad to eat, and so on. The problem is they're all giving you contradictory messages. My goal is to help you navigate the information and find something that works for you. Hence my title: "Health Strategist". I write about making real food and getting real food. Healthy local meats, vegetables, and dairy products, including raw milk. Pickling, preserving, and lactofermenting vegetables (and meats!). Avoiding foods that have health claims attached to them, but are in fact unhealthy.

Felicity Lingle

A late-deafened artist living in Boston and making art.

Felish Da Dish

The life of a JP transplant, figuring it out one day at a time.

Fighting For Cake

Fighting for Cake is a collection of reflections on urban living, small apartment life, green living, gaming, and entertainment all with an LGBT twist.

Fire Brand of the American League

Evan Brunell's analytical (and sometimes not so analytical) look at the Boston Red Sox.

Flashes of Panic

Personal weblog of a Tufts grad student, web geek and sometime track writer.

Flip Side

The Boston Globe's blog on nightlife and other events in the greater Boston area. Our slogan is 'Your guide to a better night.'

Flotsam and Jetsam

A visual document of my wanderings around the city and beyond.

Follow Me Here...

"'You can only tell the shapes of things by looking at their edges...' Edgy social commentary, criticism, cynicism, conjunctions and conundrums, outrage. Recent scientific, technical and healthcare developments. Occasional rants. Common sense and crazy wisdom. Exciting artistic and cultural news. Human pathos, whimsy, folly, darkness and depravity.

Fond of Snape

48 ~ North of Boston ~ Cancer ~ Cook ~ Photographer ~ Lover of Storms, Books, Traveling, Scotland, Japan and Max & Wolf ~ last, but not least, tattooed with a sordid past ;-)

Food Monkey

The Food Monkey strives to be one of the best Boston area food blogs, and offers thoughts about cooking, food news, restaurant trends, and any other Epicurean issues that happen to strike our fancy. The Food Monkey also has restaurant reviews, primarily in the Boston area, with reports from NYC and other locations we happen to visit. The Food Monkey will always discuss what tastes good, but not always what is in good taste.


Offering a selection of family-friendly trips with great foodie finds, restaurant reviews in Greater Boston and recipes for those of us that don't want chicken nuggets every night.

Forays of a Finance Foodie

Written by an ex-NYC banker, this blog details the dining scene in the Boston and NYC area.

Fork in the Road

Musing about metaphysical, technological, and local topics, with sports talk mixed in.


Things I would discuss over coffee or tea. If anyone ever took me out to coffee or tea...

Fort Hill History

A blog about Fort Hill/Highland Park, Roxbury, Mass.

Fort Point Neighborhood Blog

Blog for the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston, MA 02210.

Franklin Matters

What would Ben say about the current events in the first town that was named for him?

Freedom to Dine

Your source for gluten-free/allergy friendly restaurants.

Fresh Ground

Public relations and social media.

Friends of the Blue Hills

News about the Blue Hills Reservation from Friends of the Blue Hills, fighting since 1976 to protect one the Boston area's largest natural treasures.