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Living in Lynn

Mediaseth blogs about life in Lynn, Mass.

Living Reflections From A Dream

My Likes: the sun on my face, apple pie, laughter, hearing an old song that brings back a happy memory, freedom, my bike, the feeling of freedom I have when I'm riding my bike, the beatles (but I think that is required), the smell of freshly cut grass, gone with the wind, william trevor, the first site of the Boston skyline when I return from being away, stevie nicks, bob dylan, looking into someone's eyes and knowing they understand you, lloyd dobler and all cameron crowe movies.

Living the Boston Life

Random Thoughts of a Single 20-Something Bostonian Girl.

Lizkdc Dislocation

Liz Kelleher aka Lizkdc: Web editor and content manager, social media fan, Bostonian, urban gal.

Loaded Gun

Boston-based pop culture blog focusing on the controversial voices who fuel the local news, media, arts, film, politics, music, LGBT and comedy scenes.

Local Hem

Local Hem brings you the best boutique retailers on the east coast (with a heavy focus on Boston). Here you'll find out about the best boutiques, sales, new products and events in your neighborhood and very soon you'll be able to shop your favorite small business directly from Local Hem. Shop small. Live well.

Local in Season

"Slow Food," "Locavore", or whatever you choose to call it. For some, it's about community. For others its about conservation, sustainability, or even health. All are great reasons to eat locally, but at Local In Season, it's about the food. Local food that is in season is better quality, and with a little knowledge, the meals you make will simply taste better. LIS is about providing you with that knowledge. It's simpler than you think. The great French chef, Alain Ducasse, has said that eighty-five percent of great cooking is starting with great ingredients. We are not great chefs, just amateurs with enthusiasm, but we whole-heartedly agree...

Local Spice

Posts on every topic possible regarding life in Boston, Dorchester, Cambridge, etc, and my work as an urban planner for affordable housing, among other things. Local spice, someone has to point it out.

Logical Order of Chaos

This blog talks about computers in today's world. Topics include technology, security, history and more.

Lone Beader: Adventures in Bead Embroidery

Lone Beader (n) 1. one who creates beadwork without the assistance or company of others. 2. one who prefers solitude while creating beadwork. Extreme Bead Embroidery. Pop Art and Music.

Looking 4 Answers

Provocative and insightful look at what is happening in and around Boston's culture that informs the behavior of from individuals to groups and politics- that we don't always like, but we live with.

Losing the Shadow Behind Me

I write about trying to be healthy inside and out.

Lost in Boston

I hope to 'find' and expose Boston's hidden jewels, from parks to small businesses to remnants of yesterday.

Lost in Boston

A Vermont transplant at Massart doles out advice to students new to Boston. I live right off the Longwood Medical Area station.

Lower Dot

A blog to draw attention to one of Boston's hippest neighborhoods, the stretch of Dorchester on Dorchester Ave. between Peabody Square and Lower Mills.

Lucy the Blog

Lucy the Blog is based out of Lowell and covers Lowell and greater Boston and the rest of the world. It'll pretty much knock you on your ass so be real careful when you visit.

LUPEC Boston

Dismantling the drink at a time!

Lynn Lofts, The Skinny

Information about the on-going condominium development of Central Square Lynn Massachusetts. Also, much venting of my frustration with the Mayo Group - the developer for the Keith Building Condominiums and 7 Central Square Condominiums.