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Photogenic Sloth

My name is Erin, I'm 24. I live in North Central Massachusetts and work as a digital photographer at an historical conservation center. This is my personal blog about narratives, history, photography, gardening, cooking, crafts, clothes, and cute.

Photos and more

Photos taken around the Boston area by Brian Lewandowski.

Picket Fence Post

Take a peek behind the picket fences . . . where over-caffeinating is a competitive sport and parenting is distinctly imperfect. This blog features news and commentary about parenting, pop culture and lifestyle.


me and my boyfriend recently moved to Boston for scientific research at harvard. we both are from the netherlands. my blog shows one picture each day about our new life here, accompanied by a small description. it does not have a general theme, mostly it is about what happened that day, or what i saw on the street. i try to depict boston-life as we, as outsiders, see it.
i like to take pictures, unfortunately do not know anything about cameras... although i wish i did!


A veritable "BOSTON by the SEE" news photo blog. Take a visual tour of the scenic, the celebrated, and the immediate. The Boston we all know and love.

Pigtrip BBQ Restaurant Guide and Blog

My thoughts on BBQ joints in Boston, New York and everywhere in between."

Pilgrims of Sound

A blog in love with Boston music.

Pink Slip

Pink Slip is commentary on business, the economy, and my career in failed Boston-area high tech companies. It has a frequent (but by no means 100% focus) on Boston.

Pito's Weblog

Pito Salas: "Some stuff I just figured out...


Reporting on disease around the world and throughout the ages.

Planet Geek

Planet Geek! From the dark depths of the unfathomable void come the otherworldly yammerings of a man out of society. Welcome to... Planet Geek!

Planning Livable Communities

Discussions of the New Urbanism and city and suburban planning.


Software developer.

Playing Tourst

Playing Tourist documents my tourist excursions in and around Boston. As a city rich in history and culture, Boston is host to a number of tourist attractions which I look forward to exploring (more than I have already done) and sharing my experiences with readers. I also encourage my readers go be a tourist and share their experiences and suggest must see sights. After all, traveling is more fun when done with others.


I'm not a professional chef and neither are you! I'm a barely over 30 single guy on the Mass north shore who loves to cook, bar hop, share stories and have fun!

Pointy Universe

Suburban shenanigans on the South Shore.

Poisonous Paragraphs

This is a comprehensive hip hop, film and urban culture blog written entirely by an information junkie/graphomaniac Bostonian ex emcee/film student/graf writer/streetballer called Dart Adams.

Pop Discourse

A Boston lifer's ruminations about the intersecting streams of pop culture, the intellectually interesting or absurd, and parenthood.


Pop Culture Addict. Foodie. Travel Junkie. Fashionista.

POPS' Thoughts

Inside the mind of POPS, a regular guy "maintaining without mantanning.

Pork Chops and Chicken

A Blog Dedicated To Beer and Food Pairings, Baking, Cooking, and Recipes.

Portals and KM

This blog shares ideas and hopes to generate discussion on the use of portals, blogs, and knowledge management to provide value to organizations through practical applications. New trends and technologies are covered with a switch to music and food on the weekends.