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SariBlue was established in the spring of 2011, when Boston Artist and The Artisan Group member Sari began crafting earthy bohemian style jewelry with a bit of an industrial edge to some of the pieces and a cool, luxurious fashionable style to others, with the center of the entire collection being the fascinating Evil Eye Bead. Many of SariBlue’s jewelry has been worn by celebrities.

The BLOGGISH BLOG is a resource, review, commentary site where Sari shares her experiences as an entrepreneur, designer and lover of all things artistic. The notion and foundation of her business is "kind business" and therefore focuses on supporting and encouraging other independent creatives.

Saucy and Bossy

All roads lead to the kitchen.

Save Beverly Schools

News and advocacy site about the Beverly, Massachsetts public school system.

Save the Ducks

We put this site together because the city of Cambridge is in the process of determining whether to allow us (and all Cambridge residents) to keep birds in a safe and regulated manner - or make the whole thing illegal.

Self Defense & Self Protection Blog

This is the Self Defense & Self Protection Blog of Reality Based Martial Artist, Gershon Ben Keren (a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Hisardut and a Krav Maga instructor who trains in Israel and received his certification there).


semiURBAN is a lifestyle that encompasses the best of city and suburban life. Whether you live steps away from downtown, in an older walkable community along mass transit, or in a new mixed-use development, you’ve created a life that is not necessarily urban or suburban, it is semiURBAN! It’s the best of both worlds!

Think about it. You’ve traded in that tiny urban apartment for a spacious condo, loft, or house outside the city center, but you can still walk to local markets, unique boutiques, great restaurants, and happening watering holes. Plus, you still have easy access to the city by transit or car, and take advantage of all it has to offer from the latest cuisine craze to the finest culture and events. You very likely work there as well. You are living, physically and philosophically, between the urban and suburban worlds, and you’re getting the best of both! is your resource for the best in eating, drinking, shopping, playing, and living outside and inside the city. We cover both because you’re in both a lot. You are semiURBAN! And it’s a great life!


Caking, baking and lots of humor.

Single and Sexy in boston

One woman's tales and woes and hilarity of dating, life and et cetera.

Some Assembly Required

Consumer culture, public transit, media/TV, life in Boston. Some Assembly Required is located just north of Boston, on the first floor of a nice two-family a mere minute's walk from the bus stop (the vagaries of public transit will be a recurring topic of his blog entries). He has one spouse, zero kids (and holding), and one dog, a retired racing Greyhound with several neuroses.

Somerville Blog

By the staff of Wicked Local Somerville.

Steps from the Beach

I live by the beach in Revere, I happen to just love it here. I like to write poetry and hope you get to knoweth me. Do you know how much of modern life is based on pagan traditions?


Stine*Scene is a satirical look at Boston's society events; often ostentatious, characteristically witty, the blog examines fashion shows, charity galas, society members, and local boutiques through the eyes of Boston's most upscale social. Not for the faint-hearted: "If you can't handle the heels, get off the runway!"


Fashion and personal style blog.

Sudbury Design Group

Sudbury Design Group's new Blog provides information on current landscape design trends, GREEN products and methods in the landscape industry, seasonal advice, plant information, and much more.

Surviving Grady

A blog of unhealthy Red Sox obsession.

Sweeney & O'Connell Real Estate Blog

The Sweeney & O'Connell Blog brings you helpful tips about buying or selling Arlington MA and Greater Boston area town real estate.