semiURBAN is a lifestyle that encompasses the best of city and suburban life. Whether you live steps away from downtown, in an older walkable community along mass transit, or in a new mixed-use development, you’ve created a life that is not necessarily urban or suburban, it is semiURBAN! It’s the best of both worlds!

Think about it. You’ve traded in that tiny urban apartment for a spacious condo, loft, or house outside the city center, but you can still walk to local markets, unique boutiques, great restaurants, and happening watering holes. Plus, you still have easy access to the city by transit or car, and take advantage of all it has to offer from the latest cuisine craze to the finest culture and events. You very likely work there as well. You are living, physically and philosophically, between the urban and suburban worlds, and you’re getting the best of both! is your resource for the best in eating, drinking, shopping, playing, and living outside and inside the city. We cover both because you’re in both a lot. You are semiURBAN! And it’s a great life!